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FS19 Q&A Sessions with GIANTS: Pre-Order date, John Deere and more


Breif summary of FS19 Q&A Session with GIANTS

Today a post has been made by FS19, a Q&A session with GIANTS about the up an coming FS19 game. There is some good info in this session with GIANTS that I’m going to breifly cover.


FS19 vs FS17

Questions have been brought up about FS19, and whether it’s worth it for gamers to just stay with FS17. GIANTS has done alot of different upgrades for the FS19 game. GIANTS will run on its on engine. The graphics are insane compared to FS17, there will be real sky with moving sun and moon. With clouds that turn grey before it rains, so prediction is known better. There will be horses and dogs ingame! That’s really cool, having horses! There are alot of features and things for the FS19 game, alot of things are in early stages still. Updates will be made! It has been said that the FS17 mod testing will slow down now, so there won’t be as many mods to choose from.





System requirements and AMD video-card

Things with the system requirements are still in very early stages of making, they will be higher than FS17 for sure. But they will do their best to support older systems as well. If you run your FS17 on minimal setting FS29 probably won’ work.

The AMD video-card they will optimize as much as they can.


AGCO Ideal Harvester


There has been talks of John Deere not being in the FS19 game, and unlikely to have it in FS19. John Deere has their own game, and they use their John Deere equipment. It is possible at some point that John Deere will be added, we shall see!

The AGCO Ideal harvester has been 100% confirmed for the FS19 game. It will be available as a Massey Ferguson, but not sure on the wheels.


New brands

There are some things that are pretty much set in stone when it comes to brands for FS19, there are also brands they are still in the talks with. They will announce them at a later date (for some of them it might be very late).


FS19 mod maps

A good question got brought up about the FS19 mod maps that are current mod maps, will they likely need a complete “new” creation from the ground up, due to the upgrated engine? Could it be a reasonably simple update be possible by mapmakers, to get a FS17 map running in FS19 (coverting)


There will be no complete recreations, however they are going to need some work. It’s going to be talked about in detail how to create/transform mods/maps for FS19 @ FarmCon the summer, more details coming soon!


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It sounds to me like FS19 is coming along quite well! There is still alot of testing and talks with things for the game. FS19 and GIANTS knows that all gamers have so many questions, and they try to do their best to answer them to the best of their ability.

Be sure to check out E3 in June for alot more updates of FS19, as well as checking FS19 website. All the staff at GIANTS works very hard to make gamers for the FS game to be happy! I feel the FS19 game is going to be suburb! 🙂


Just wanted to thank GIANTS and FS19 for sharing information about the up and coming FS19 game! We appreciate everything you guys do!


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