FS17 Giants Editor- Road Editing episode 3

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Video tutorial

Episode 3 Giants Editor- road editing


General info

Today I have for you, a FS17 Road Editing episode 3 video done by Derrick Lewis of BeardShot Gaming page! Derrick has been doing videos for others to watch and learn how to make maps from the ground up! 😉 “Pun intended!” 🙂

Episode 1 & 2 “Basics” and Placing objects & triggers, is published and can be found in the category Beardshot Modding, on this site. Pay attention, for Derrick is super fast at doing these videos!

 I will be posting them, as he post them to his facebook page, BeardShot Gaming page

Lets go check out episode 3- Road editing!!!

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Huge thanks to Derrick for these awesome videos on how to make a map! All of Derricks episodes for map making can be found on this site, lambo-mods website or BeardShot Gaming page  , you will find all the videos on map making in the CATEGORY BeardShot Modding on lambos site.

Stay tuned, I’ll have more videos from Derrick as I get them! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Map on Mappers! 🙂

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