FS17 Tanker with dollied version and 3 skins – Released

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Hey Everyone!!!

Michelle Here!!

Today I have for you this neat FS17 tanker with a dollied version and 3 skins.

This is a model from ATS (American Truck Simulator) and was put in the game for FS15 by Winston9587 .

It was converted to FS17 by Neale Green, and he also did the 3 skins for the tanker.

There are 3 skins for the tanker- Petro Canada, Flying J, and Love's! 

The scripting and added helper wheels were done by Winston, he also made a dollied version to match!

This tanker holds all liquids and has been tested, and will hold oil as well.

All testing was done by Toby Neal and Neale Green, thanks guys!!! 🙂

I would like to say thank you to Winston9587 for allowing me to write about his amazing work!!!

    Hope Ya'll Have An Amazing Day/Night!!! 





Available versions: You must be LOGGED in to download!!


Available versions: You must be LOGGED in to download!!
American Truck Simulator for original mod, Winston9587/Neale Green for edit, Toby Neal and Neale Green for testing

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