FS17 map release Pondcliff logging map

Grand night everyone!

braker19 here!!

Pondcliff Logging map

It’s finally here everyone!!!

This is the release of FS17 Pondcliff Logging Map, done by Derrick Lewis of BeardShot Gaming maps & mods page.

Alot of time has went into this map for Derrick, and he hopes you enjoy it!

Derrick strives to make and put out good, quality maps. He’s learning new things everyday!

I think we’re gonna start to see alot more detail with his maps, as he learns more and more!

Derrick has made a lot of maps, but this map he put a railroad in, that’s very cool!

There is a video that will give you a tour of the map,  to see what it looks like!

Make sure you check it out! 🙂


Huge thanks to Derrick Lewis of BeardShot Gaming maps & mods page, for allowing me to write about his FS17 Pondcliff logging map!

Loving the railroad he put in, alot of hardwork was put into this map! 🙂

Stay tuned everyone, we have alot more coming! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 🙂

Download below!



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