FS17 Gaz Tiger EOD Edition -Beta

Russian GAZ Tiger

The FS17 GAZ Tiger EOD vehicle is used in the advanced detections of explosive ordnance. With Several Engine choices which will dress the vehicle different per your selection. Used to haul around trailers, and small storage compartment in back.

This mod is also available on PC/MAC

Please check backs for updates as this mod is created.

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Contents of this modpack:

This is still way early in the beta testing, is a side project I have been working on that will take me some time to polish off it. But I will update here as I add features.


  • IC (interactive Controls) Scripting for outdoor control
  • Animated doors, wipers, windows,  & Radio Antenna
  • Telescopic Tow bar with locking script
  • Bunker Compactor for silage
  • Passenger Script
  • Chooseable texture Pattern

Motor Configurations:

  • Diesel 1120
    • Enjoy the simple and reliable Diesel Engine
  • Mil Tri-Star 320
    • Snorkel added
  • Beast Mode


Wheel Configurations:

  • Mine Compactor
    • Replaces tires with Compacting Rollers
    • Adds Protective Grill and Rear Slat Armor
  • Crawler Quad
    • Replaces tires with MountianTop Desert Camo Tracks
  • Armor Urban Street
    • Low-profile Street tires with HUB Protection
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Game Farming Simulator 17
Category cars
Size 45.3 MB
Released In Beta TESTING
Platform PC/MAC
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