FS17 mod edit release Ford Raptor POV truck & search and rescue trailer

FS17 Ford Raptor POV truck and search & rescue trailer

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Grand day everyone!

braker19 here!!

Today I have for you 2 mods, one blog! I have a FS17 Ford Raptor POV truck and a FS17 search and rescue trailer for download!

These edits were done by Justin Allan McCoy from G.H.C Edits FS17 facebook page and Different Breed Modding !

All he did with the FS17 Ford Raptor POV truck was add the strobes and adstrips!

Original author is Vegueta

The Ford Raptor POV truck has 3 stage strobes, the keys are “j”, “k”, and “home”.

After you download the file, the file has to be in a UNZIPPED folder. (Ford Raptor POV)

The FS17 search and rescue trailer edit that Justin did, was done on a enclosed trailer, this trailer kinda goes with his Raptor edit!

Justin just added decals, and strobes to this trailer.

The original author of this mod is “lewis804”

There are a few errors but thats the original errors of the trailer.

Justin did not create any of the errors, but it runs smooth for him!

In the moddesc it says WMF, Justin has hit up Adam and this is not his mod. Someone just put that in the moddesc for fun.

I’m guessing..

But Justin left the moddesc alone.


Big thanks to Justin Allan McCoy for allowing me to write about his edits! Loving the STROBES! 🙂

Can’t wait to see what he has to bring next!

There are 2 downloads in the tabs section for the Ford Raptor POV and the Search and rescue trailer!

You must be LOGGED in to download!!!





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One Reply to “FS17 mod edit release Ford Raptor POV truck & search and rescue trailer”

  1. i got the mods in my mods folder but only the trailer shows up in game do you know a fix

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