FS17 Gaz tiger SWAT Command

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FS17 GAZ Tiger SWAT vehicle

What’s up everyone!!

braker19 here!!

Just stopping by Lambos mod release! 😉

Hi! 🙂

This FS17 GAZ Tiger SWAT vehicle comes with several engine choices, which will dress the vehicle different per your selection.

The FS17 GAZ Tiger SWAT vehicle is used to haul around trailers, and has a small storage compartment in back.

Super cool mod!

This mod is also available on PC/MAC

Big thanks to Lambo for this awesome FS17 GAZ Tiger SWAT vehicle!!! 🙂

Have fun!!

As always guys and gals, have a good one! 🙂

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Game Farming Simulator 17
Category cars
Size 46.1 MB
Released Old Beta Testing model
Platform PC/MAC
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Contents of this modpack:

This is still a mod that might get worked on in the future, just for now its collecting dust


  • Buttons

    Home- flasher Lights

    H – Siren

    7 – Drivers Door

    9-Pass door

    4-Back Left door

    6- Back Right Door

    8- Windows

    z- Windshield wipers

    x- Command Net

    v- Comms tower


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