FS17 mod edit release Landfill compactor v2

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FS17 mod edit release Caterpillar 836k Landfill Compactor v2




winston9587 fundraiser 20181

You must be LOGGED in or a member to download!!!

You must be LOGGED in to download!!
Winston9587, testing by: Toby Neal and Neale Green, and Kman for the purchase of the model from polygonish.

Hey everyone!!!!

Michelle here!!

Today I have for you a FS17 mod edit release of a Caterpillar 836k Landfill Compactor v2 done by Winston9587 !

The model was bought by Kman from polygonish! Thanks Kman! 🙂

This is v2 of the Landfill Compactor done by Winston9587 several months ago.

Winston9587 re-did all the A/O textures, and he even adjusted the handling!!

He wanted to get a better "bake" on the compactor!

Nothing wrong with making something that is awesome, even better!

Such a awesome job Winston, as always! 😉

 Everyone enjoy all the mods released by Winston9587 , he works so very hard on all his mods, just for you guys and gals!

Hope ya'll have a amazing day/night!



Thanks! 🙂

Huge thanks to Winston9587 for allowing me to write about his work!

Always impressed with your determination of making sure things are quailty

Also, big thanks to Kman for the purchase of the model for the FS17 mod edit release of a Caterpillar 836k Landfill Compactor!

Hang around everyone, for we have much more to come!

Game on Gamers! 🙂


Look below! 🙂


Fundraiser for Winston9587 for new video card!

Here at lambo-mods website we do our best to look after our team modders!

Recently we have started a fundraiser for Winston9587 , to purchase a new video card, so he can continue to make his awesome mods!

If you are able to donate we are very appreciative! If you can't we understand!

I'll be leaving the fundraiser link below to donate to Winstons video card fundraiser!

Always good to try to help within your team and your community!

Winston9587  has given us a lot of great mods and maps, and I'm sure his computer is worn out!

Thanks!! 🙂


Video card for Winston9587 fundraiser



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