FS17 Tanker with PETRO CANADA , FLYINGJ, LOVES, and CAT skins

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Photos of the FS17 Tanker with CAT skin!

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Fundraiser for Winston9587!

We here at lambo-mods try to do our best to look after our team members with whatever it is they need for modding!

Winston9587  has made so many mods over the past couple of years, and well his video card is shot, and he needs help to get a new one!

I will be leaving a link down below for the fundraiser, where you can go and donate!

We appreciate all donations, and also understand if your not able to donate!



Video card for Winston9587 fundraiser

FS17 Tanker with PETRO CANADA , FLYINGJ, LOVES, and CAT skins

Greetings everyone!!!

braker19 here!!

Today I have for you a FS17 Tanker with PETRO CANADA, FLYINGJ, LOVES, and a new CAT skin done by Winston9587 !

This is v2 of the first tankers that were released a couple of weeks ago, with the PETRO CANADA, FLYING J, and LOVES skins!

Winston just added the CAT skin to the FS17 Tanker!

When you choose the caterpillar skin, it also changes the wheels!

That's really cool! 🙂

He also added the option to lock the dolly, to make it easier to back up the dollied trailer.

Always nice when things are made easier for the player to use! 😉


Huge thanks to Winston9587 for allowing me to write about his awesome mods! 🙂

We are not done releasing for Winston, still have a few more to go this round!

Thanks Winston9587 for all your hardwork and dedication to modding! YOU ROCK! 🙂

As always guys and gals, have a good one!

Mod on Modders! 🙂








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