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About Lambo

I started modding a year ago with an idea of making dreams and imaginations come true within the game. The major purpose of making this website was to provide FS17 mods to the people out there who are just like me and want their gameplay to be customized according to their desires. My hard work and a keen interest in providing the best Farming Simulator 17 mods helped me grow from zero members to thousands of members till the current date.

When I started making mods and provided them to the people out there, I found out that there are some great doers who just lack motivation and need a little bit of training to boost up their career as a modder. For that purpose, I started creating different 3D modeling videos and modding tutorials so the interested people can learn something informative easily and enter the world of modding.

As the part of a growing modding community, I have a mindset to brainstorm something unique and then converting it into a mod so the players can enjoy the features of the game they do not get with it.

My core focus is on developing thrilling mods for the game Farming Simulator 17 so you can easily find the best mods for FS17 in one place without searching here and there. I try to provide very exciting mods according to my thinking and also welcome other modders and players to join me in my effort to develop some of the best mods for FS17 by sharing exclusive ideas and imaginations so I can get that in a visible form by deploying it into the game.

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As a team, its a dream

Creating this website was the first milestone that I achieved a year ago and to me never set for less is the key to success. My second and major milestone is to make this website a community of the best modders and players so they can work together by sharing something exciting. The goal is to make Lambo-mods a place where people would like to visit frequently to see something impressive and interesting.

Anyhow, that was just a part of me uncovered above. I will always try to improve because a silent sea with no thrills never appeals any eye. We will move together in this endeavor and bring a positive change in the world of modding.

Working as a Team

Fs17 Lambo Mods Modding TeamModding is an interesting thing to do if done with passion and given the right amount of time it needs. So to make my mods greater than ever I grouped with several modding groups including Different Breed Modding, Backstreet Boys Modding, The Squad, Game Destroyers TV, Winston9587, Punka Dylan, Moore Modding, G.H.C & Friends and Rambow145.

I believe that to make something extraordinary and great it is never a single person’s effort, somewhere somehow the team and the community also has its fair share of contribution. With such belief, I also provide an option to all the people with a big heart and massive interest in modding to contribute by donating the projects.

The Team

Modding Groups
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We love to see the mods made by our community used on youtube channels. Here is a list of Youtubers we work with or have in the past. If you would like to join our Youtube Team, Please Contact us!  
Working together to help make some of the sweetest Mods Fs17 has ever seen. No where else can you find such a Great set of Modders who love to help others.
  • Lambo-Mods
  • Rico Suave
  • NorthernWinter
  • Winston9587
  • McCoysHeaveyHaulage
  • Sean Morissette
  • Dirk Peters (Germany Team)
  • Bruno Davoine (France Team)
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