FS17 Stump Grinder Rabaud XYLOR

FS17 Stump Grinder Blacksheep Modding

FS17 Stump Grinder Rabaud XYLOR



This FS17 Stump Grinder machinery cuts tree stumps and creates new fields. Made by BlackSheep Modding with some amazing skills. We really enjoyed this mod here at Lambo-mods.com and want to make sure you get it!

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– Fix Decals Texture
– Added 3-point Attacher
– Added Frontloader Attacher
– Added Telehandler Attacher
– More Efficiency
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Fs17 Work Basket

Fs17 Work Basket

FS 17 work-basket-v1-0_2With this Fs17 Work basket you can easily get to the top of trees and do necessary trimming.  The best way  to attach this is to a telescopic loader.


Official mod: PowerBull, Favorit510 ™
Converted by: Erikker


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