Bake Normal Map | Blender

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How to Bake Normal Map | Blender


1. Make sure your low-resolution object is UV unwrapped. You’re ultimately going to load this object into GIANTS Editor.

2. Select the low-resolution mesh and toggle into Edit mode (Tab).

3. From the UV/Image Editor, add a new blank image. The size of the image depends on the size of your object. Small objects get small sizes whereas large objects get larger sizes. The width and height must be numbers that are a power of two and neither can be larger than 2,048 pixels.

4. Toggle back into Object mode.

5. Select your high-resolution mesh and Shift+Select your low-resolution mesh.  Order is very important here, so make sure you pick your low-resolution mesh last so it is the active object. Also, you want both meshes to be in the exact same spot; they should overlap one another.

6. In Render Properties, within the Bake panel, use the following settings:

• Choose Normals from the Bake Mode dropdown menu.

• Ensure that Tangent is picked from the Normal Space drop-down menu.

• Enable the Selected to Active checkbox.

7. Click the Bake button.  In the UV/Image Editor, you should see the black, blank image fill in with a bluish image. This image is your normal map.

8. Save the normal map to your hard drive using the GIANTS texture-naming convention.  For example, normal.png


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