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Three Rivers Logging

FS17 PC public map- Three Rivers Logging Map by BeardShot Modding

December 9, 2017

Happy Saturday guys! ūüôā Today I’m doing a special “Spotlight Saturday blog”, on a logging map for FS17 that is public, called Three Rivers Logging. This map was made only by one person, his name is Derrick and hes the owner and a one man team of BeardShot Modding! This map has been inspired by… Read More ›

can am

FS17 Private mods for PC- 2/Can Am Mavric’s one with tracks/one with wheels

Can Am Mavric Hi guys! ūüôā Today I have for you two FS17 Private mods for PC, that are Can Am Mavric (ATV’s). The Can Am Mavric’s are a 2013-2014 year, one is with tracks and the other is with wheels. The Can Am Mavric’s were edited by Andrew Blackmore, a independent modder of the… Read More ›

Farming Simulator 2017 | ATV Racing Pack | ATV Racing Pack | Raptor & Banshee

Farming Simulator 17 ATV Racing Pack Mod is for PC Only Are you guys ready to take over the world?! One race at a time! Now you can build your own race track using the Items in this mod from Many other Updates are done for this mod on our Patreon page. ATV’s Included;… Read More ›

Track Bike v1.0

This guy is different, quite abit it different. Vegueta, who made the initial design but I edited the engine and tuned it to not slow down the FPS on your computer. Has tension straps trailer hitch, Working Working on snow plow on the front ¬† – Fill Planes 500 bulk capacity The sounds belong to… Read More ›


FARMING SIMULATOR 2017¬†DUNE BUGGY This has been edited to remove all the errors on the buggy. Try it out! ¬† Lambo   The last one would fly all ¬†over the place. hopefully this one works better!       CREDITS: MOUNTAINEER   DOWNLOAD   Select A Category Most Mods¬†| Helicopters|¬†ATV‚Äôs¬†|¬†Buildings¬†|¬†Cars¬†|¬†Combines¬†|¬†Forestry¬†|HEAVY EQUIPMENT¬†|¬†CONSTRUCTION¬†|¬†LOADERS & EXCAVATORS¬†|¬†Maps¬†|¬†MILITARY¬†|¬†Mining¬†|¬†MONSTER TRUCKS¬†|¬†Motocross¬†|¬†Motorcycles¬†|¬†Off-roading¬†|Placeables¬†|Scripts¬†|¬†Skidsteers¬†|¬†Snow¬†|¬†Tools¬†|¬†Tractors¬†|¬†Trailers¬†|¬†Useful Mods¬†|¬†Vans¬†|¬†Volvo¬†|¬†UNCATEGORIZED¬†|¬†Trucks¬†|… Read More ›

Quad POLARIS 6×6 v1.0.0.0

Found a New ATV we can all use! So excited to try this out! ———– LAMBo

CanAM Bruce Lee 1000 V2 4/19/2017 Update

CanAM Bruce Lee 1000

V2 4/19/2017 Update


I made quite a few videos while editing this mod. Please take the time and watch them if you are interested how It was created. Special thanks to Ben Krempa (Richwoodrocket) for fs15to fs17 ¬†conversion. -Updated Engine basic Tuned Beast Mode Upgraded capacity 500L to 10000L added wight to tires to stabilize turning Fix center… Read More ›


Farming Simulator 17 So went thru and added more power options 3x attacher points (sides &front) for a special plow, will work with others, but looks silly. will work for hauling skid steer equipment from point A to B. Better Stability comes in 3 different designs, made custom to special youtube channels Download LINKS: The… Read More ›

KTM Motocross DirtBike -Feb 11th- Release

Are you ready for a new Bike? I have been playing with this guy for a while and I think it’s about time to let her out of the bag. Still some things I want to polish up, but I have to many mods on request right now. So let the dirt bike champs rule… Read More ›