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Here we will be learning about Blender and its use with Giants Editor.

Export From Blender to Giants Editor

April 18, 2017

Farming Simulator 17 | Modding   Export from Blender to Giants Game Editor You Need a plug-in to do this…… Feel free to correct me If you hear an error About blender. Blender Guru — Great videos on Blender – Not Fs17 related… I’m still new to blender, Just showing the ways I… Read More ›


How to extract | Giants to Blender | Speedy

  Still get tons of questions on how to extract from Giants. I did a timelapse to show you. Pause the video if you have troubles. Extract it as a . OBJ file. more Tutorials coming out, Mod ERRORS is my focus this week. Look for them soon! HOME: https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpre… Forums: Donate towards better… Read More ›

Blender 3D Tutorial- Create 3D Text

Create Your Text Start Blender. Remove the default cube. (X) Add text. (Alt+A) Select Text and press TAB You may want to switch to edit mode (TAB) and use the variety of features that Blender provides for editing, formatting and laying out text. . For a start just use BACKSPACE to delete the letters “Text”… Read More ›