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FS17 Snowmobile Ski Doo-Mod release beta update

December 16, 2017

Hi Guys! 🙂 Happy weekend! Today I have a new mod from LAMBO MODS to talk to you about! This is a FS17 Snowmobile Ski Doo beta release, done by Lambo (Leader of Big thanks to The Squad for helping purchase the model and the members of his patreon as well. This Ski Doo was voted… Read More ›


FS17 – Snowmobile – Ski doo Updates

snowmobile for FS17 updates

FS17 WIP mod John Deere reskin/Mack truck and an East frameless dump trailer

Hi guys! 🙂 This evening I’m going to cover a FS17 WIP mod of a Mack truck, reskined with a John Deere decal as well as a East frameless dump trailer.  This truck has been edited by Christopher Leduc, a private modder. Christopher is learning and working hard to learn everything he can. Alot of determination,… Read More ›

FS17 public mod release Ford F-450 Heavy Haul

Good afternoon guys! 🙂 Today I have for you a FS17 public mod release that is a Ford F-450 Heavy Haul. This mod was worked on and edited by Winston9587, a independent modder. The cab of this mod was done by King Merc, and the bed was done by Winston9587. Also the pics, video review… Read More ›

Attention FS community!

Hi guys! 🙂 So today, I’m going to be covering more than one subject about what is happening with  groups and the FS community, the upgrades that have been done with Lambo Mods website, and why Lambo made the changes he did to his website. Recently there have been alot of issues arising in the… Read More ›

shipping containers

FS17 public mod-set of 4 Ar Shipping Container trailers

AR Shipping Containers Grand Sunday guys! 🙂 I’m gonna cover some FS17 public mods that are a set of 4 different Ar shipping container trailers.  These shipping container trailers were converted and edited by Winston T. Churchil, a independent modder. These 4 Ar shipping container trailers are a conversion from FS15 to FS17,  the trailers… Read More ›

FS17 public mod 2017 Dodge Challenger Demon

Hi guys! 🙂 I have for you a FS17 public mod thats a 2017 Dodge Challenger Demon! Yes, I said Dodge Challenger Demon. 🙂 This mod was done by Winston T. Churchil, he’s a independent modder that works very closely with Carolinaboy, he mainly works on maps. Winston has been doing edits since FS13, but… Read More ›

Three Rivers Logging

FS17 PC public map- Three Rivers Logging Map by BeardShot Modding

Happy Saturday guys! 🙂 Today I’m doing a special “Spotlight Saturday blog”, on a logging map for FS17 that is public, called Three Rivers Logging. This map was made only by one person, his name is Derrick and hes the owner and a one man team of BeardShot Modding! This map has been inspired by… Read More ›

FS17 WIP mod Mack truck (rig) 1974-1975

Hi guys! Happy Friday 🙂 This evening I’m going to cover a FS17 WIP mod of a Mack truck (rig). This truck has been edited by Christopher Leduc, a private modder. Christopher is learning  and being mentored right now about modding. I love covering modders that are just starting their adventure into modding! Let’s see… Read More ›

can am

FS17 Private mods for PC- 2/Can Am Mavric’s one with tracks/one with wheels

Can Am Mavric Hi guys! 🙂 Today I have for you two FS17 Private mods for PC, that are Can Am Mavric (ATV’s). The Can Am Mavric’s are a 2013-2014 year, one is with tracks and the other is with wheels. The Can Am Mavric’s were edited by Andrew Blackmore, a independent modder of the… Read More ›