Video card for Winston9587 fundraiser

Video card for Winston9587 fundraiser


Grand funDraiser everyone!!

winston9587 fundraiser 20181

Hey everyone, we’re doing a little funDraiser for Winston9587, to help him be able to get a better video card!

His video card is older and needs a upgrade, but they are pricey, so let’s help Winston out!

Winston9587 is one of Lambo Mods top modders of the team, he does so much for us, it would be nice to be able to give back to him!

Any donations for Winston9587 would be greatly appreciated, to help him continue his awesome modding!

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History of Winston9587

He has been around for a while and still making everyone left with a open jaw at the mods he produces. Here at lambo-mods we take care of our team by helping them get the tools they need to advance in this hobby slash obsession with Modding. He has spent many MANY HOURS… Possibly in the thousands of hours making content for Farming simulator Brand.

If you would like to see some of his work, Let me list some links below for his main hosting site and mods hosted here at


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FS17 mod edit release Cotton bale trailer

FS17 mod edit Cotton bale trailer

Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!!

Today I have for you a FS17 mod edit release of a Cotton bale trailer edited by Neale Greene of Farming Simulator 17 maps and mods!

Yes, I said a trailer that picks up cotton bales!

This trailer picks up cotton bales (9), square (42), round (40/1.537) 33/1.4 , hd bales (306), big bales (21), timber (8), and pallets (16).

So yes, this trailer still picks up other products, just now cotton bales can be as well!

The trailer is a Wilson Step Deck, the mod has not been edited, it’s still the same mod.

There is a new edit UAL, so the trailer can auto load Cotton bales!

That is super cool! 🙂


Neale would like to thank Winston9587 and Joshua Dunn for getting him started with modding, and teaching him how to mod and make maps!

Also a big thanks to Winston9587, who helped Neale get all the errors and cotton bales to auto load!

I think that is great other modders helping other up and coming modders learn and grow!

I would like to thank Neale Green of Farming Simulator 17 maps and mods for allowing me to write about his work!

Stay tuned everyone, we have much more coming!

As always guys and gals, have a good one!

Mod on Modders! 🙂






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FS17 mod edit release Budweiser Freightliner Cascadia and trailer

Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!

Please drink responsibly!!

Today I have for you a FS17 mod edit release of a Budweiser Freightliner Cascadia and trailer! This edit was done by Nick Exley (private modder).

Nick did a edit of Winston9587 ‘s Coors light Freightliner Cascadia and trailer! He did a reskin, using and Giants Editor!

Big thanks to Nick Exley for allowing me to write about his FS17 mod edit release of a Budweiser Freightliner and trailer! This was  a reskin of Winston 9587’s Coors light truck and trailer.

Super cool! 😉

You will find the download right below in the tabs section!





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FS17 Ford F-450 rollbed mod edit release

Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!!!

So I had a friend come to me the other day about needing a new rollbed for his used car lot he owns. I was driving to work and passed by a truck business that had a FS17 Ford-450 rollbed for sale!

Well I just had to stop in and see what was up with the Ford F-450 rollbed!

Let’s check it out!! 🙂

Ford F-450 rollbed

This is a FS17 mod edit release of a Ford F-450 rollbed, edited by Nick Exley (private modder). Nick has done some edits for The Squad as well, we love The Squad you tube channel! 🙂

So Nick took the F-450 and brought the cab over to the F-350 rollbed, that existed already, he just swapped it out. He had to bring all the lighting over and re-adjust, and add where needed.

He didn’t like the strobes that were on the original F-350 used in the swap, so he changed them out to the one on the Kenworth wrecker from Woodmeadow Farm Modding. The rims and tires all got changed and adjusted to the stance of the truck.

There were some adjustments made with the cab textures, added a rear axle and driveshaft, as well as a front axle. The engine sounds were changed, and added real smoke!

This FS17 Ford F-450 rollbed is color selectable, this was Nicks first go at doing color selectable on a mod. Great job Nick! 🙂 The orange glass on the beacon was changed to clear as well.

There is passenger script on this FS17 mod, that he just ported over from the original F-450, and made sure it worked, the truck seats 5. Last but not least, he added a plow to the rollbed for it was requested by a member of LAMBO MODS facebook group. 😉 Plows seems to be the “BIG” deal right now!

This was Nicks first rollbed conversion he started working with, so it took him more time than it should have, but he is very happy with the outcome!


Big thanks to Nick Exley for allowing me to write about his FS17 Ford F-450 mod edit release, you did a awesome job Nick! Also, Nick has done edits for The Squad you tube channel thanks Nick! 🙂

Stay tuned everyone, I have much more to come! Sorry I’ve been in and out of writing! I do have a new writer Michelle Rodgers, she’s doing very well with writing! Be sure to check out her blogs too! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders! 🙂







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FS17 Ford F-650 rollbed Mod Edit Release

Hey Everyone!!!

Michelle Here!

Hope you all are ready for my next blog! 

Today I have for you this amazing Ford F-650 rollback, that Nick Exley so kindly let me write about! Nick is a up and coming modder, he has also done some edits for The Squad!  That’s great! We love The Squad! 🙂

Let’s check his F-650 rollback out!

Nick had taken the cab and put it on the Woodmeadow Farm Modding Durastar and had to add and adjust All lights on the cab and add the strobe lights to the cab and bed.

Nick also changed the glass on the beacon lights so that they are more clearer rather than orange. He did go ahead and widen the tires and adjusted the height of the ride so it would look more realistic.

Also he added a snow plow as well, since it had been requested for the Ford F-450. The original truck was not color changeable, so he went ahead and changed the textures on the cab so it would be color selectable.

He even changed all the engine sounds and added real smoke to the exhaust!

His finishing touches included changing the moddesc and XML to reflect the name of this wonderful truck and uploading thumbnail pictures so you all would see what you are buying!!

Big thanks to Nick Exley for allowing me to write about his FS17 Ford F-650 rollback mod release! 🙂

Well everyone, I am out! 🙂

Hope ya’ll have an amazing day or night!! PEACE!





This mod is available for download in the tabs section!! Enjoy! 🙂

You must be LOGGED in to download! Thanks! 🙂


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FS19 What GIANTS has confirmed so far

Grand day everyone!!!

braker19 here!!!

FS19 Q&A Sessions with GIANTS: Pre-Order date, John Deere and more


Breif summary of FS19 Q&A Session with GIANTS

Today a post has been made by FS19, a Q&A session with GIANTS about the up an coming FS19 game. There is some good info in this session with GIANTS that I’m going to breifly cover.


FS19 vs FS17

Questions have been brought up about FS19, and whether it’s worth it for gamers to just stay with FS17. GIANTS has done alot of different upgrades for the FS19 game. GIANTS will run on its on engine. The graphics are insane compared to FS17, there will be real sky with moving sun and moon. With clouds that turn grey before it rains, so prediction is known better. There will be horses and dogs ingame! That’s really cool, having horses! There are alot of features and things for the FS19 game, alot of things are in early stages still. Updates will be made! It has been said that the FS17 mod testing will slow down now, so there won’t be as many mods to choose from.





System requirements and AMD video-card

Things with the system requirements are still in very early stages of making, they will be higher than FS17 for sure. But they will do their best to support older systems as well. If you run your FS17 on minimal setting FS29 probably won’ work.

The AMD video-card they will optimize as much as they can.


AGCO Ideal Harvester


There has been talks of John Deere not being in the FS19 game, and unlikely to have it in FS19. John Deere has their own game, and they use their John Deere equipment. It is possible at some point that John Deere will be added, we shall see!

The AGCO Ideal harvester has been 100% confirmed for the FS19 game. It will be available as a Massey Ferguson, but not sure on the wheels.


New brands

There are some things that are pretty much set in stone when it comes to brands for FS19, there are also brands they are still in the talks with. They will announce them at a later date (for some of them it might be very late).


FS19 mod maps

A good question got brought up about the FS19 mod maps that are current mod maps, will they likely need a complete “new” creation from the ground up, due to the upgrated engine? Could it be a reasonably simple update be possible by mapmakers, to get a FS17 map running in FS19 (coverting)


There will be no complete recreations, however they are going to need some work. It’s going to be talked about in detail how to create/transform mods/maps for FS19 @ FarmCon the summer, more details coming soon!


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It sounds to me like FS19 is coming along quite well! There is still alot of testing and talks with things for the game. FS19 and GIANTS knows that all gamers have so many questions, and they try to do their best to answer them to the best of their ability.

Be sure to check out E3 in June for alot more updates of FS19, as well as checking FS19 website. All the staff at GIANTS works very hard to make gamers for the FS game to be happy! I feel the FS19 game is going to be suburb! 🙂


Just wanted to thank GIANTS and FS19 for sharing information about the up and coming FS19 game! We appreciate everything you guys do!


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FS17 PC WIP Baja Buggy

Hey everyone!!!!

Michelle here!!

 Hope you all are ready for my first blog!! 🙂

So today I have for you this amazing Baja buggy! This FS17 mod edit of the Baja Buggy is a WIP, which means Work In Progress, and is edited by northernwinter

It has all LED lights and a custom engine work done to it. There is custom scripting that was done, which allows it to stick to road.  The Baja even has flames that shoot out the exhaust, the flames were originally done by Colty Lambo!! Northernwinter just adjusted them to fit the double exhaust.

How cool is that?!

 This mod was Lambos Mavric, that northernwinter built the Baja buggy from,  the model is fully textured and built in GE, and all the custom features on it! I must say northernwinter truly did a awesome job on this buggy! Not your normal Baja buggy! 😉

I would also like to add that northerwinter is a super awesome modder and has a different style about him, but hes awesome! 🙂





 Big thanks to northernwinter for allowing me to cover his awesome Baja buggy, my first blog!!!

Well everyone, I am out! Hope ya’ll have an amazing day or night!! PEACE!

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FS17 PC mod edit release Ford F-450


Grand evening everyone!!

braker19 here!!!

Welcome to

The Kman, “chops” it up in his “shop”, and customizes it to his liking!

I have for you this evening, a FS17 Ford F-450 mod edit release that was edited by Kman. This is his first edit of a “regular” full size truck, he normally works with the bigger trucks, service trucks, dumps, semis, flatbeds and more.

I absolutely love Kmans work! He takes alot of pride, and puts alot of hardwork in his mods. He asked, if he received 1,000 likes on his facebook page Kman, he would release this truck!

Well of course he reached his 1,000 likes! This truck is beautiful! 🙂

Lets go check out what he chopped up in his shop!! 🙂






Options, Add-on’s, & Edits:

New store picture, New brand picture
Optional motor options
Main body color options
Standard or mud tire option
Rim color options
Standard, Ranch Hand, Black Horse or Plow bumper options
Standard or Flat Bed option
Universal Autoload (UAL)
Changed lights from 3 stage lighting to 2 stage lighting (number pad 6)

Added light bar
Added spot lights
Added whip antennas
Added Beacons
Changed Headache Rack
Added completely new chassis

Resized back tires and re-positioned them
Removed spare tire
Re-positioned exhaust pipes
Redid 90% of the light system from scratch
Resized and adjusted several panels on the physical model to be inline and positioned correctly.

Video “The Squad” did using Kman’s truck!

Available versions:

You must be LOGGED in to download!!!

Download link for the Ford F-450:

[download id=”11374″]





Wow!!! Absolutely a beaut Kman! Thank you so much for allowing me to write about your FS17 mod edit release of the Ford F-450. Also a HUGE thanks to The Squad you tube channel for using his truck in their video! YEEYEE!!! 🙂

Keep your eyes open for what Kman will be coming out with next! Always so many ideas he comes up with, but you never know what he’s gonna do! 😉 Your just gonna have to keep your eye out!

Always remember to respect the modder, always! They do their best to make, and put out good quality mods for you to have fun playing on your game!

All modders have different ways of releasing their mods, please have some respect for the way they do! Thanks! 🙂

Stay tuned, I have much more to write about! As always guys and gals, have a good one! Mod on Modders! Respect the modders! 🙂


Kman facebook page

Different Breed Modding facebook group

Different Breed Modding forums

lambo-mods website

LAMBO MODS facebook group

LAMBO MODS youtube channel

The Squad you tube channel