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January 26, 2017

Farming Simulator 17 mod objects pack for GE 7 use. THIS IS NOT A MOD, FOR MODDING pack including few shed, 3 different animal sheds, manure pit and wall for cow silo pit. all buildings have normal and specular maps. Note: There are no triggers associated with any of the objects eg doors, unloading point… Read More ›


Railroad Tracks Set v1.0

Farming Simulator 17 PAck A set containing 258 different pieces of railroad tracks. For Use In GE Wanna Build a massive train station! Contains the following lengths: – 10 meter – 20 meter – 30 meter – 50 meter Other Train Packs here!   Click Here To Download

Sawmill GE Objects Pack

Are you tired of the same old Sawmill? Use the GE to place these items in your game to spice up your sawmill location. No triggers, just objects and textures pack. Please Use original link Bitte benutzen Sie den Originallink und laden Sie ihn nicht hoch Download  

Building GE Pack

FS17 Building GE pack

Please Use original link and do not upload Bitte benutzen Sie den Originallink und laden Sie ihn nicht hoch Enjoy this building GE pack that include 4 types of the following;  Several Residential Buildings Several Commerical Buildings. Stripmap (had issues on my personal made map, but works on basic) Please note these buildings must be… Read More ›

basketball court

Basketball court GE object

Basketball Court Want to play basketball? Now you can add your own basketball court to your maps in Giants Editor.  So break out your balls and have some fun out on the court.  Please note this basketball court is not a place able object, you need to add it using Giants Editor. Für die Platzierung… Read More ›


FS17 Camping GE Objects

Ever wonder how all those guys on youtube have camp outs?  Well those camping videos use these items.  And you can use them to in Giants Editor to create your own amazing camping experiences.  Some of the items included in this pack are, small camper, military style canvas square tent, truck camper tent, pick nick… Read More ›

GE Pack FS17

Train- GE Pack FS17

Train- GE Pack FS17 – Farming Simulator 17 mod Ever wanted to move the train so it came by a farm near you? Now you can with these Giants Editor files.  This GE Pack contains all the track sections you need to bring the train to you rather than you heading to the train.  Please… Read More ›