FS17 Pre-BETA Patreon Spm3

FS17 Pre-BETA Patreon Spm3

FS17 Spm3 is being introduced to our site for Patreon release!

This is another one of the Pre-BETA mods for June’s Patreon!

Winston9587  did a edit of this FS17 Spm3!

He added passenger scripting, and the doors open on this mod!

Remember this is a BETA mod for Patreon, this mod isn’t done yet!

As always Winston9587 , great work! 🙂

This FS17 Spm3 is a great roleplaying mod!

Be sure to sign up for lambo-mods Patreon!

Patreon Beta Access

Winston9587 Fundraiser for new video card!

Here @ lambo-mods website we do our best to take care of our team members when they are in need of a tool to continue making awesome mods!

Winston9587  is in need of a video card for his computer, and we are running a fundraiser to help him get a new one, so he can continue to make the great mods he does!

If your not able to donate we understand!


Fundraiser for Winston9587 for new video card

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Grand day everyone!!

braker19 here!!

Here @ lambo-mods we are doing things a bit different than we normally do for Patreon!

Lambo has asked Winston9587 if he would donate some of his mods for Patreon this month coming up!

  He thought it would be a nice idea to have one of our top modders of lambo-mods team help out for Patreon!

I think it’s a super idea, it allows members to see how we work together with our team, and also shows the modders work!

Winston9587  is a awesome modder, absolutely love all his mods and I think it’s great he’s donating some mods for the Patreon!

Come join our Patreon for lambo-mods!




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FS17 Gaz Tiger EOD Edition -Beta

fs17 gaz EOD Tigar MOD

Russian GAZ Tiger

The FS17 GAZ Tiger EOD vehicle is used in the advanced detections of explosive ordnance. With Several Engine choices which will dress the vehicle different per your selection. Used to haul around trailers, and small storage compartment in back.

This mod is also available on PC/MAC

Please check backs for updates as this mod is created.

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Contents of this modpack:

This is still way early in the beta testing, is a side project I have been working on that will take me some time to polish off it. But I will update here as I add features.


  • IC (interactive Controls) Scripting for outdoor control
  • Animated doors, wipers, windows,  & Radio Antenna
  • Telescopic Tow bar with locking script
  • Bunker Compactor for silage
  • Passenger Script
  • Chooseable texture Pattern

Motor Configurations:

  • Diesel 1120
    • Enjoy the simple and reliable Diesel Engine
  • Mil Tri-Star 320
    • Snorkel added
  • Beast Mode


Wheel Configurations:

  • Mine Compactor
    • Replaces tires with Compacting Rollers
    • Adds Protective Grill and Rear Slat Armor
  • Crawler Quad
    • Replaces tires with MountianTop Desert Camo Tracks
  • Armor Urban Street
    • Low-profile Street tires with HUB Protection
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Game Farming Simulator 17
Category cars
Size 45.3 MB
Released In Beta TESTING
Platform PC/MAC
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FS17 M1A1 Tank Desert & Woodland Camo

fs17 Tank m1a1 abrams

M1A1 Tank Woodland and Desert Camo

Hi guys! Lambo here and I updated the M1A1 Abram tanks I released a while ago for you guys! 

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  • Cleaned up Error log
  • made the tank Camos into one mod, selectable at purchase
  • fixed camera controls
  • updated ModDesc
  • Added Trailer Attacher to back

Future Edits

  • add attachers for equipment so you can farm with it.
  • Front attacher
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FS17 Military Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733

FS17 Military Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733

FS17 Military Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733

FS17 Military Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733

This model was found for free on one of the many 3d Model sites. It was created while floating on the pacific ocean.  The Model did not come with amazing textures. Had to do some painting to make this model decent.

The MercedesBenz Zetros is a family of heavy duty trucks, designed for extreme off-road operations. It is intended both for military and civilian applications.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 uses proven automotive components of the Axor/Actros ranges. It is available with two turbocharged diesel engines, developing 326 or 430 hp. Vehicle has a full-time all-wheel drive. The Mercedes-Benz Zetros can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules or the TRANSALL C-160 transport aircraft with only the slightest of preparation.

This mod is a WIP

  • Going at add fill plane so you can load it with grans and such.
  • Adding Camo Net

Available Versions

You Need to LOG IN to Download mods.

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[download id=”10234″]

FS17 Weapons Pack

FS17 Weapons Pack

FS17 Weapons Lambo 1911So today I bring you some new toys to pack around in your trucks and camp site. This mod includes several weapons and hand thrown grenades. Lambo-Mods.com will be updating this as new weapons are found and added.

Always watch for new updates

This is one of those mods that I like to add stuff I find to it periodically. If you have a 3d Model of a weapon you want added to this pack! Message us!

Available Versions

You Need to LOG IN to Download mods.

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[download id=”10220″]

Newest Blog Posts


FS17 30mm Military Troop Carrier

FS17 Tank 30mm Troop Lambo Mods

FS17 30mm Military Troop Carrier

FS17 Tank 30mm Troop Lambo Mods

The FS17 30MM Troop Carrier mod was a free model sent to Lambo-mods. The model was in almost perfect condition, except some work that needs to be done in the cargo bay.

Right now this is just a fun mod with no real purpose. I definitely have plans to add more to this mod.


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FS17 Light Tactical Military Vehicle

FS17 Light Tactical Vehicle LAMBO MODS

FS17 Light Tactical Military Vehicle

FS17 Light Tactical Vehicle LAMBO MODSThis FS17 mod has a custom rigid body that makes it respond super realistic to the ground and normal gravity.  Go ahead and run over a curb to check it out…

This model was very damaged when found. Spent over 5 hours just fixing triangles and remapping the model.

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FS17 – released- UH-60 Blackhawk v2 – Helicopter – Lambo-Mods

FS17 UH60 Transport LAMBOmods

      FS17 – UH-60 Blackhawk – Helicopter –                                 Lambo-Mods

Download UH-60 Blackhawk here!

[download id=”9979″]

          Are you ready to own the skies with this new UH-60 Blackhawk Model to FS17.

Hi guys and gals! 🙂

Today I have a very special “spotlight” blog!!! This FS17 UH-60 Blackhawk v2 helicopter was done by lambo-mods.com

This helicopter had been on Lambo’s mind for quite a long time, and he finally decided to go for it!! Special thanks to the patreons of lambo-mods.com It would not have been possible to purchase this model without their help. This model was purchased from Turbo Squid.

The XML and Moddesc was designed to help modders learn how he created this mod.      Please feel free to dive into the code and learn how to apply the code to your mods! That’s cool!

Let’s check this FS17 UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter out guys and gals!!! 🙂


Animated Cargo Doors & Tension Straps

Now you can load up anything you want using the cargo bay. The bay is equipped with tension straps and a extendable plank that is still underdevelopment. This cargo bay will fit a pallet just perfectly. Make sure that pallet is center in the aircraft before taking off or you will be off balanced.

UH-60 Chemical Sprayer

Now you can load up your new UH60 Blackhawk with a capacity of 10000 liters. Such a High number yes, but he is a lazy Farmer! Feel free to change the Code and edit to your liking.

Ground Dust Particle System

Fly accross the farm leaving dust cloud as you roar low over the top of the corn. This mod has code in it to create dust when the aircraft is within 10 feet of the ground.

Cargo Loading System

How many times have you drove to the farm with some gear? Probably alot he assumes. Being able to load pallets, logs and pretty much anything else you can think of. Also comes with a plank system, he is in the process of designing and fine tuning for fun.

UH-60 BlackHawk Detailed Interior

  • Alerts that show when a part is active or open.
    • Example; Left Cargo door, Passenger, Sprayer on
    • AC On
      • V Key: Activates Rotating Fans and AC Alert
  • Sprayer Capacity Level digital gauge
  • MPH digital gauge
  • Analog gauges for RPM and FUEL
  • Steering joystick
  • Passengar Script
    • Have 3 Friends ride along!
  • Wiper Animation Script
    • This flashes certian lights that you would normally see at night with Aircraft flying overhead.
    • Learn How to make this animation in our Free Course!nullnull
    • Special Action Keys:Mouse: Left click to gain Altitude / Right click to lose AltitudeThe keys are not correct yet… hold on this…

Please take note: THESE KEYS ARE NOT CORRECT YET..if anyone has any feedback about the keys, information, anything please go to lambo-mods.com/forums there is a section that is tagged Modding Q&A, just drop feedback in that area! Also if there are any errors please say something in the forums section, Modding Q&A! This mod has been tested but there are a few kinks to workout by next update! Thanks! This will be completely fixed when Lambo gets back from the deep sea and he has some feedback! 🙂

  • N Key: Open Left Cargo Door
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • M Key: Open Right Cargo Door
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • J Key: Open Left Door
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • K Key: Open Right Door
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • Enter Key: Start Flying
  • Z Key: Unhide/hide Sprayer
    • Shows or hides Sprayer and collisions
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • X Key: Extend Cargo Plank
    • Tension Straps are attached to plank.
    • Activates Alert on Dash
  • V Key: Turn on AC inside interior
    • Activates Rotating Fans and AC Alert


Alot of people have influenced this mod and they may not even have known it. Special thank you from Lambo! 🙂 Thank you Lambo, for allowing me to write about your awesome FS17 UH-60 Blackhawk v2 helicopter!!! So much fun, and so many ideas for using this mod!! AWESOME!!! STAY TUNED guys and gals, lambo-mods.com has much more to come!!! AS ALWAYS guys and gals, have a good one! Game on gamers! 🙂


LAMBO MODS facebook group

LAMBO MODS youtube channel

Different Breed Modding facebook group

GamedestroyerTV youtube channel

FS17 PC Engine mod releases & WIP – R & R Apparatus Outfitters

engine mod

Grand day everyone!!!

braker19 here!!!

I don’t know about you?? But I know when I was a kid, I loved playing with the different fire trucks and playing fire and rescue! This is so cool to see this type of mod, evolve into the FS17 game! Let’s go check out Jesse’s work!

FS17 PC Engine mod releases

Today I have for you a very cool group that specializes in Fire and Rescue apparatus’s. The page/group’s name is R&R Apparatus & Outfitters created and run by Jesse Romney, also known as Chief Romney on youtube, and is owner of Sunrise Modding too.

R&R is also run by Ryland Amatos, and this group was also his idea! Tyler Herzog is also admin of Jesse’s page/group, as well as Jesse’s sister is admin for “secretarial skills”. Always good to have a woman around, keeping things straight! 😉

All of Jesse’s mods are error free, or if there is errors (the tiller has a few) he tries his best to fix and get rid of them. All of his mods are currently only version 1 and he has plans and is already working on version 2 of a few of his mods

Jesse has released many mods, but for this particular blog I’m gonna be talking about his fire/rescue engine mods that are either WIP’s, or released mods.

Seagrave Tiller

The first mod is the Seagrave Tiller that, not sure of the year, but it is one of the older years of a Seagrave. The Tiller is two engine mods. The front cab and the rear trailer.

You can have a person drive the front and a person drive and steer the trailer part just like in real life. The tiller also has a working ladder with collisions so you can climb it.

That sounds like so much fun! Guess what? 🙂 I have a link for it too!! 😉

Available versions:

You must be LOGGED in to download!!!

Download link for the Seagrave Tiller:

[download id=”11259″]

Pierce Velocity Fire engine

After the Seagrave Tiller engine mod was created and complete for release,  R&R Apparatus Outfitters was created and they released the 2014 pierce velocity fire engine. This truck has a tank you can fill with water and a working hose that sprays and will take from the tank.

Download link for the Pierce Velocity Fire Engine:

[download id=”11256″]

m35 military truck

They also released the m35 military truck. This truck is fully AO baked by Jesse, it also has the tank and hose system. I have a link for the m35 military truck as well! 🙂 Thanks Jesse!

Download link for the m35 military brush truck:

[download id=”11262″]

Seagrave engine

The latest mod they released was a idea from Ryland and Jesse had made after Ryland showed Jesse the idea. It is the Seagrave cab from the Tiller and the back of the velocity combined. It also has the tank system.

Download link for the Seagrave engine:

[download id=”11266″]

Available versions:

You must be LOGGED in to download!!

WIP work

Jesse is also working on a ambulance that he’s doing from scratch! (WIP) Love it! Here’s a peek!


The seagrave tiller was bought from turbosquid by Ryland Amato. The velocity was bought from humster3d by Ryland Amato.

About the modder

Jesse Romney started modding about 3 years ago and has been teaching himself everything he knows of modding. All the work that Jesse does is done in Blender, to get the mod to look good in the Farming Simulator.

He sometimes will A/O bake the models and make the chrome and all the other things needed for the mod, to export to i3d. Jesse also can do all the scripting and everything needed to make the mod work. He also worked on a Chevy 1500, from Moore Mods, to be error free.

Chief Romney and Ryland you guys are so awesome! You do amazingly clean work, and take alot of pride and time into all your mods.

You know all farms/towns need a fire/rescue department, but the fact that all the engines work real like, is awesome! To me that brings the Farming Simulator game even more life like.

I’m so loving that I get to write about all the amazing talent of the modders in our community!

I’m so very impressed guys! Big thanks to Jesse Romney for allowing me to write about his amazing page/group! I will post links to R&R facebook ,  Sunrise modding facebook and youtube below.

Enjoy the links above, that Jesse allowed me to post! As always guys, have a good one! Stay tuned, it is only going to get better! Mod on Modders! 🙂


R&R Appartaus Outfitters facebook page

Sunrise Modding facebook group

chiefromney youtube channel

Different Breed Modding facebook group

Different Breed Modding Forums

lambo-mods website

LAMBO MODS facebook group

LAMBO MODS youtube channel

GamedestroyersTV youtube channel

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