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Preview of: Taylor Farms FS17 (Brian Taylor)

November 8, 2017

Hi everyone!:) Im doing a very special blog about Taylor Farms FS17 group/page. It’s time to dig into the whole point of the FS modding community, the farming/game! First, let me introduce the man behind Taylor Farms FS17, his name is Brian Taylor.  Brian started modding/editing in October of 2016 when FS17 came out.  Seems… Read More ›


Watch “Can’t purchase your mod? One of the possible errors | BTR” on YouTube

Hey guys… here is one of the things that could be wrong with the mod when u cant buy it. <vehicle type=””>

Warning (performance): Texture

Warning (performance): Texture

Warning (performance): Raw texture format

Warning: Missing l10n for button

Tired of seeing Missing Your_Input_Here in l10n_en.xml?

Error: Invalid mod name

Error: Invalid mod name

Error: Failed to open xml file

Error: Failed to open xml file   Make sure that the .xml file name and path is spelled the same as in the ModDesc.xml. So go into ModDesc.xml and search  for your Filename.xml and make sure that the spelling matches the .xml saved file. Only takes one misplaced letter and throws errors  

Error: Missing descVersion attribute

Error: Missing descVersion attribute or Error: Unsupported mod description version <modDesc descVersion=”4″> was for FS 2011 <modDesc descVersion=”9″> was for FS2013 <modDesc descVersion=”20″> ( or above ) for FS 15 <modDesc descVersion=”32″>  FS 17   Edit: You can open the zip file for  mods and look at the modDesc.xml file.  The second line should be:… Read More ›

ERROR Warning: i3d contains non-binary indexed triangle sets”

Farming Simulator 17 Giants Editor ERROR Warning: i3d contains non-binary indexed triangle sets”   “Warning: i3d contains non-binary indexed triangle sets” The problem can be solved quickly and easily! Look at me I have created for you a tutorial, so that everyone can understand! Description:  1.   i3D with Notepad ++ open 2. <Shape> Search… Read More ›

Common Errors

Common Errors and Solutions Warning: Missing l10n for button BEL3LEFT in JD_9400v2 Missing a l10n Text tag that Explains what this does. you need to place these in ModDesc. They wont break the game if left like this though. Error: Not all prerequisites of specialization articulatedAxis are fulfilled For any of these error you need… Read More ›

Fs17 Common Errors And Fixes

Error loadVehicle: unknown type The vehicle type needs to be set in the Same Both .xml. Files and Case Sensitive Error: ***/modDesc.xml(22). Error reading end tag.. you have missed something around line “22” or which ever number is in the brackets, this is usually a / or > Just double check all your closing tags…. Read More ›