ALL Monster truck Beta V1’s

So thank you guys so much for all your support. I have had very little time to really make each one of these the way I want due to fishing season starting April 1st and I made so many lol. But to my loyal supporters I promised to get something out for the weekend.

Here are all the Monster Trucks I have made so far.

THEY ARE ALL IN THE TINKER PHASE. MOST ERROR FREE  or No major errors, maybe a dirt_map missing or something small. Some are getting remodeled all together. But these are the most stable versions. I just don’t have the time to mod right now I am on the ocean all day… But I’m still in the FIGHT! 🙂

I apologize for no cool videos or anything like that, My computer is having issues that require parts from amazon. No Stores in this small fishing village. So enjoy and just wait for updates 🙂

I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS on making these they are still WIP

Please feel free to comment suggestions or errors you find. Some are very simple to fix FEEL FREE, That I will do and update you guys as they improve. Just have fun !


Links are in the Description of the youtube video.  This was a youtube special MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL THE YOUTUBE PARTNERSs … Look in the menu bar 🙂

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Off-road vehicle Chevrolet Silverado monster for farming simulator 17.
The cost of the car in the game, €: 5000
Car maintenance, €/day: 0
Engine power, BHP: 263
Fuel tank capacity, l: 100
Tested in game version 1.4.4

Richwoodrocket, Rambow145