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FS17 | UH2D Huey Helicopter DEA SkyCrane v1

May 3, 2017

Farming Simulator 17 Hey guys LAMBO here! Hope you Enjoy this mod, feel free to mod what you want! UH2D Huey Helicopter DEA SkyCrane v1 THE DEA IS IN THE HOUSE! Animated Doors Working Crane Lift with every attacher Detailed Interior Belly attacher Particle Animations Passenger Script Duel rotors Works with Winch mod If your… Read More ›


Watch “FS 17 | CH-47 Chinook Helicopter sneak peak | Blender Final Touchs” on YouTube

Are you ready for new choppers? Select A Category Most Mods | Helicopters | ATV’s | Buildings | Cars | Combines | Forestry |HEAVY EQUIPMENT | CONSTRUCTION | LOADERS & EXCAVATORS | Maps | MILITARY | Mining | MONSTER TRUCKS | Motocross | Motorcycles | Off-roading |Placeables |Scripts | Skidsteers | Snow | Tools | Tractors | Trailers | Useful Mods | Vans | Volvo | UNCATEGORIZED | Trucks | XML | WIP Watch Our Modding Tutorials On Youtube. Have you ever downloaded a mod and got really bummed when it did not show up in game?Hopefully we can help alleviate that pain and suffering. Come with us as… Read More ›

FS17 Convert WAV Files

Farming simulator 2017 Stereo to Mono GIANTS Engine supports 3D sound, meaning that if you have a cow to your left, the game engine is smart enough to send that cow’s sound only to the left speaker. Because the game engine handles determining which speaker gets sound, the sounds in your mod should be in… Read More ›

Export From Blender to Giants Editor

Farming Simulator 17 | Modding   Export from Blender to Giants Game Editor You Need a plug-in to do this…… Feel free to correct me If you hear an error About blender. Blender Guru — Great videos on Blender – Not Fs17 related… I’m still new to blender, Just showing the ways I… Read More ›

M1A1 Anti-Air Abram Tank | Mod Download LINK | Farming Simulator 17

M1A1 Anti-Air Tank |Fs17 |LS17 The Military is retiring lots of Armored vehicles and we mangled to piece this Futuristic M1A1 Anti-Aircraft Abrams Tank together. Like the Utube video and Download PLEASE 🙂 Many farms in the UK and USA have tanks and other armored vehicles converted to farm equipment. So it has use in… Read More ›

Afghan Military Contract | Up-armored HOLMER | Youtube Mod Testing

Farming Simulator 17 | Mod Testing | Afghan Military Contract | Up-armored  We got a huge donation and a request for deployment of Farming equipment that can handle the rough desert environment. My friend is creating a desert map to match all this gear. Just doing some testing, Hope you Enjoy 🙂 click here! SUBSCRIBE FOR… Read More ›

How to extract | Giants to Blender | Speedy

  Still get tons of questions on how to extract from Giants. I did a timelapse to show you. Pause the video if you have troubles. Extract it as a . OBJ file. more Tutorials coming out, Mod ERRORS is my focus this week. Look for them soon! HOME: https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpre… Forums: Donate towards better… Read More ›

Watch “Farming Simulator 17 | How to Download & Install Mods for PC” on YouTube

How to Download & Install Mods for PC fs17 Don’t forget to like the video! 🙂 We are gonna learn howto install mods and locate your mods folder on PC   Forums: Donate towards better quality videos: Facebook Page and Group, : Patreon, we have a ton of betas that probably will… Read More ›

Watch “Farming Simulator 17 | How to change Vehicle Color | Black F350 Roll Back link” on YouTube

Farming Simulator 17 | How to change Vehicle Color | Black F350 Roll Back link  Don’t forget to like! Download LINK below. How to change Vehicle Color on most mods. This is a simple method for editing colors. Sometimes UV mapping prohibits this method. I did not make the F-350 Rollback. Ty: Thunderhawk09 Black F350… Read More ›

Watch “Farming Simulator 17 | Modding | Jacking Parts in Blender | Giants Editor” on YouTube