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FS17 |Helio LANDING Pad W/ Lights

May 15, 2017

Farming Simulator 17 |LS17 Time to get serious! Well not really, but I have been using this helio pad for a while and It has worked greated to have a place to store all these new helicopters coming out! Helicopter Landing Pad Features: Working Animated lights So it has working lights that run off a… Read More ›



Description: Use them where you need them. Very simple placeable Mod for building. Located under MISC. SandBag download LINK: HOME: https://farmingsimulator17mod.wordpre… Forums: Donate towards better quality videos: Facebook Page and Group, : Patreon, we have a ton of betas that probably will never get released.. see them here…


Farming Simulator 17 To be used with building materials Slowly tracking down all the mods you need with this to make it work! LAMBO Universal Process kit Placeable Building Materials silo V0.9 This silo allows you to purchase the following building materials as buylk goods; Sand, Gravel, Dirt, Rock, Cracked, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt To let… Read More ›


Farming Simulator 17 so excited to see this mod!   Update: OCT 2017  — LAMBO updated files There was a bad AAA Universal kit mod going around. this is updated now New links needed here; AAA UniversalProcesskit Materials Silo Need this file too This mod will have errors on mining maps… Where the same material… Read More ›

Stove Fire place (new, working) -Placeable MOD FS17

  I don’t have a pic for this yet— LAMBO Woodstove that you can burn wood in    


You are gonna need to unzip these and put them in your mods folder. LAMBO Both materials have properties silage. This mod is to add something to the game that was not so far. Functions: – The game adds two material called DIRT [Earth] and SAND [Sand] – In the shop there are two objects… Read More ›

LAMBO Bridge Construction-PACK

Farming Simulator 17 Construction, Building, I Beams, Pine Beam, Pillars oh my! by Lambo I-beams are ready for DL. Pine Beam Ready for DL Ramp is ready for DL, But is temperamental, VERY buggy, I think I set the attachers to high… will update soon… Attach it last… Pillar is ready to have  testers.. I… Read More ›

Case IH Dealership— Placeable Mod

Farming Simulator 17 Mod Details Here is a Case IH dealer. It could be easily changed to any other brands. This model does not contain and triggers. The building’s interior has no detail to it so it is a clean slate for anyone looking to make it look nicer. Please enjoy this building, there is… Read More ›

Saegewerk placeable v2- mod

Farming Simulator 17 mod Saegewerk placeable v2   No credits were listed for this mod. But I like it better than the V1, hope you enjoy as well. The words are in german, we may have to change that, but the mod works! all the crédits go to the king of scripts Marhu, pretty sure… Read More ›

FS17 Placeable Mixing station “Mini” v1.0.1.0

Here I have for you a small feed mixing station. ideal for smaller businesses. Data: filling possible from each 20000L straw, silage and grass. 2500 l of compound feed can be produced per hour. Compound can accumulate up to 30000L. At the moment, it is only possible to remove it with a shovel. MFG >>>… Read More ›