Different Breed Modding

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Different Breed Modding

Your place to be your own breed!

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Different Breed Modding

We here at Different Breed Modding bring a place for all different breeds of modding to come together to share, learn, and have fun!

We aren't about competition with any other groups/modders. We welcome everyone!

Our goals for Different Breed Modding is to help others learn to mod, put nice edits/mods out for release to our members. Our members are number one to us for they are what keeps us going, and we appreciate their support!

We have a great team of guys that help us alot and are very supportive, without them we would be more than different lol 😉

We support all the groups of the community as best we can, we aren't out for a competition, we're here for the love of the game!

Remember guys it's just a game! 🙂


  • Rico Suave
  • Sasha Koslov
  • Justin Allan McCoy
  • Jimmy Orthouse
  • Wyatt Minnix
  • Gavin Remmers


  • Aiden Hubbs
  • Josh Smith
  • Ezra Anatoly Reschke

Group guidelines:

We are here to learn, share, help, network and have fun! Any drama, trash talking or bad attitudes with be dealt with accordingly! No begging for mods.. private means private! Basically don't start no manure. won't be no manure!!
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