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    Hi guys, I’m fairly new to modding. I mostly have just been tinkering around with other mods and editing them to suit my needs/wants. I just finished editing some shipping containers by Eastside Modding and now have started to edit a truck to haul the 20ft ones. So the truck I chose was the Renault Lander. It originally had a flat bed on it that could hold vehicles. I deleted that and replaced it with a custom frame to hold the shipping container. So I got it all set and the container to mount to it…but when I turn sharp with it mounted, it rolls over in the opposite direction im turning. it turns fine if you don’t crank it all the way in one direction. at a stand still with the wheel cranked either way and full gas it always tips. or driving fast in a straight line and cranking it either way will cause it aswell. Sometimes it bounces back other times it glitches out a lot to the point i need to detach the container for it to stop. the truck by itself does not have any roll at all, only when the container is attached. I have tried to tinker with the center of mass on the container but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference. So I figured I would ask here, im sure I am just missing something..just cant figure out what it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Thanks for submitting this question.
    This sounds like a physics issue.
    The mass of the container is probably set fair high.
    Try lower the Mass of the container in the I3d.
    Also Enable DEV Mod If you don’t how click here

    Once you have Dev Activated, press f5 while in game to view the active collisions on the mods.
    Ensure that you did not forget a random collision (rigid body) that is causing the container issues.

    If none of these issues work, please upload a log.txt

    Thanks for posting!

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