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Rigid bodies & Collision Masks


Rigid Bodies, If another object with rigid body tries to go through it, there will be a collision. There are three rigid body types;

  1. Static

    These objects offer collision, but they can’t be moved, nor do they react to gravity.

  2. Kinematic

    These objects offer collisions with dynamic objects and can be moved in a predefined way. E.g. if you have a train that goes from A to B along a predefined path and a collision occurs with a kinematic object, the train will simply continue its movement, while the dynamic object will be pushed away. If the same train hits a static or another kinematic object, nothing will happen.

    • trafficCollisionTrigger   Collision Mask 102000
  3. Dynamic

    This kind of objects react dynamically to collisions and can’t be moved manually. The movement of dynamic objects is a result of external forces and isn’t predefined.


Generally, ‘dynamic’ is used for most collisions on a vehicle.


The (first In Senographe ) root node 0> of the main component mesh is usually a dynamic, compound rigid body, and the fixed position collisions that are part of that structure are usually dynamic, compound child rigid bodies.


Giants editor won’t let you select the compound child checkbox sometimes, but you can edit the file (.i3d) in a text editor and add

 <Shape shapeId="1" name="ConcreteBarrierV1" dynamic="true" compound="true" collisionMask="8194" density="1.4" clipDistance="300" nodeId="126" materialIds="14,13" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true">

Changed to CHILD 
<Shape shapeId="1" name="ConcreteBarrierV1" translation="0 0 1.551" scale="1e-06 1e-06 1e-06" compoundChild="true" collisionMask="2105410" density="0.001" clipDistance="300" nodeId="151" materialIds="14,13" castsShadows="true" receiveShadows="true">



Collision Masks

How to Set Correct Collisions in Your Farming Simulator Mod

collision mask is a bitmask that defines what your collision object can collide with.



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