FS17 | How to install Mirrors

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Farming Simulator 17 | Giants Editor


Let’s learn how to put working mirrors ingame. We can take working ones off one of the vehicles already on your computer. The Code is also located in the XML.


Here is the path way to locating a mod on your system you can export parts from.


EXPORT THIS .i3d file or the XML, do not SAVE or edit the one located in your FS17 game folder. It will break your game if you create an error.


Highlight the part or parts you want to take and export them.



OR Option 2: I already exported the mirrors for you and they are ready to import Directly to your mod.

Giants Editor import .i3d

CLICK here  for FS17_mirrors .i3d exported. You can just Import this file directly.

The index path  of the mirror goes below.
 Match the .i3d and XML paths the same
FS17 | How to install mirrors giants editor
 <mirror index="0>13|2|2|0|1" prio="1" />
<mirror index="0>13|2|2|1|1" prio="1" />
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