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About GDTV

First I would like to tell you about my gaming history and how I ended up being a youtuber for PC games!
I am a genereation X gamer and I have played on or owned every gaming system out there starting with the Atari 2100 and of course PCs.
I really like playing all types of games, but my personal favourites are simulator games. I do a lot of videos for FS17 and other games as well.
I started doing youtube videos a couple of years ago, as a means of dealing with some personal things, the noise of the world, and I really enjoy doing them. I am Lambo-mods, in-house video guy, so I cover just about everything that is on his website for FS17. If you haven't checked out my youtube channel GamedestroyersTV yet, please go check it out. Thanks to everyone for your support.


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