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Become A Modding Teacher

We are building up a community of modders that want to help others. This Platform was designed specifically for this goal. Many of us have knowledge we want to share, but lack the platform to get out our Ideas! I invite you to contribute your knowledge to the community using our new system for course creation.

We also offer incentive for making courses for others and each enrolled student. Stacking up the points for latter features coming to

Learn more about points here

Sign up instructions:

  1. Fill out the info
  2. Use a 555 or fake number, only email is needed to get started.
  3. An admin will approve and provide you will access to the teacher section of the site.


Side Notes:

When you are approved you will gain access to other blogs not normally visible to the public. Blogs covering modding and marketing your mods. Lambo-mods wants you to be successful.

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