Modding 101

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This Page brainstorming…

Opening up sections of the site that are not available normally, like my notepad type stuff. For the Modders trying to learn, you guys inspire me. Hope this helps you.

Just be nice to everyone here… 

The adventure to this is I am still learning as well.

Can I just be humble for a min? You reading this right now, I know nothing more then what is on this blog. You are probably a better modder then me and don’t even know it. My point is that if you take the time to learn and comb thru the blog. The forums and everything below and keep playing with it. You can be where I am in 3 months, if not sooner OR FARTHER!!!  I encourage you to practice constructive criticism that offers challenge and not offence to our Modding peers.

Please edit a mod from this blog and Share it with others!

Check back often, Still unlocking this area… 🙂

File Handling:

Export To Blender | Giants


Center Mass Fix | Gator

Trailer Capacity

 Freeze Transformations | Giants Editor

Motor XML:

Engine Upgrade | Liebherr PR 776
Engine Upgrade | GATOR

Texture Knowledge:

Bake Normal Map | Blender 
Change Vehicle Color |Giants

Sounds and WAV:

Convert Wav Files | Gator

FS17 Convert WAV Files


Adding Cameras | Gator


Add Beacons

Error Trouble-Shooting:

Click here for The List being created

Computer Prep:

How To

How to Install Giants Editor

Install Blender 3D

Install Notepad++


Install VSDC Editor

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Some Modding Links

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