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Modding Basic

LAMBO’s “basic” MODDING Tutorials

We are going to try to build up a community of modders. Join the team and learn! Like and Subscribe for more!

This Page brainstorming and under development…

For the Modders trying to learn, you guys inspire me. Hope this helps you.

The adventure to this is I am still learning as well.

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Error Trouble-Shooting:

Here is some of the video tutorials I have on youtube or found useful other tubers have made.. Please watch them and maybe find what you are trying to learn. There is a lot of info for this editor out there and I am trying to wrap it up all into one site. Such a pain in the butt when I wanted to learn how to mod.

Check back often, Still unlocking this area so some things are not linked yet… 🙂

What to expect?

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Alot of people are working hard to show you the tricks of this editor!

File Handling:

Export To Blender | Giants

Extracting To Blender | Giants

Export Blender to Giants Editor

Zip and Un-zip Mods

FS17 | Find Your Log File

FS17 | How To | some Info

Developer Console:

FS17 | Activate Dev Console

FS17 | Player Flight

FS17 | Deactivate HUD


FS17 | Moving Tools | Examples


Center Mass Fix | Gator

FS17 | increase Trailer Capacity

 Freeze Transformations | Giants Editor

FS17 | Install Tension Belts

FS17 | How to install Mirrors

FS17 | How to install Exhaust Particles

FS17 | Giants Editor | Collisions | Rigid Body types | How To

Lua files:

Fs 17 How To Mod | Passenger Script

FS17 | Animated Parts Script

FS17 | Strobes | Lights Addon Script

FS17 | toggleAnimParts | Understand the Code

Motor XML:

Engine Upgrade | Liebherr PR 776

Engine Upgrade | GATOR

Texture Knowledge:

Blender | Painting & Texture Brushes (Part 1) |BornCG

Bake Normal Map | Blender 

Change Vehicle Color |Giants

Fs 17 How To Mod & Make Ad Strips

Sounds and WAV:

Convert Wav Files | Gator

FS17 Convert WAV Files


Adding Cameras | Gator


FS17 | How to Add Beacons

Lights – XML Guide

Error Troubleshooting:

There is a ton of potential errors that can show up. I will try and make they I list them all when I find one. Feel Free to comment your errors and Ill help when I can.

Click here for The List being created


Giants Editor | FS17 | Designing a bridge mod PT1 | LIVE MODDING

Computer Prep:

Some Programs you need to start making your own mods

Giants editor Keyboard short-cuts

How To

How to Install Giants Editor

Install Blender 3D

Install Notepad++


Install VSDC Editor

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FS17 Mods Categories

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Some Modding Links

Error Trouble-Shooting: | Modding 101 | Modding Basic | How To | Blender 3D | Convert Mods | Courseplay | Gameplay | Errors | GE Tutorials | Tutorials

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