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Hello Farming Simulator 17 Community

Here at Lambo-Mods.com we are going to Mix things up a bit and start offering rewards to those who help around the site. This being integrated into our social network to help those who want to learn to mod.

Little things help and now we want to give back!


Points used for;

  • Modding Courses
  • Access to special areas of site
  • Private mod to download
  • Monthly Contests for giveaways
  • Steam Credits


How do we reward points;

  • Daily Log-in points
  • Views points
  • Comments on forum posts and blog posts- all comments provide points
  • Posting topics in forums will get you major points
  • Commenting on modding questions other have will also give points
  • Random points awarded from Admin for constructive feedback.
  • Making tutorials for others (Major Points)
  • Posting your own blog or mod, major points!
  • Sharing our posts on your favorite social media!
[gamipress_points_types columns=”1″ toggle=”no”]


Fast Track to high rank and points by earning achievements.


[gamipress_achievements type=”social-media-wizard” columns=”1″ filter=”yes” search=”no” load_more=”yes” limit=”10″ orderby=”title” order=”ASC” current_user=”no” title=”yes” thumbnail=”yes” excerpt=”yes” steps=”yes” toggle=”yes” earners=”no”]



Currently Designing up the ranks and each will have special access to parts of the site lower ranks can not view. This will be updated throughout this month.

[gamipress_ranks type=”basic-gamer” columns=”1″ orderby=”priority” order=”DESC” current_user=”no” title=”yes” thumbnail=”yes” excerpt=”yes” requirements=”yes” toggle=”yes” earners=”yes”]



Your Current Points and Achievements

[gamipress_points type=”modding-points,published-posts,post-comment,login” columns=”1″ current_user=”yes”]



Some side notes:

Testing many new features and at any time some may disappear. If you enjoyed a feature that was removed during this upgrade process, please let us know your thoughts.

This is all still undergoing changes. If you don’t see your points now. Be patient it’s being tracked and all your comments you have ever done on LAMBO-mods.com will count towards Current points.

Come back for more details as we update this page!


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