Extended Head Rack 3D Model


Ready to install a new Truck head rack!
Texture included
5 rack styles to choose from;

  • Camo Rack
  • Wire Rack
  • Wood Rack
  • Diamond Rack
  • Barbed Wire Rack


Extended Head Rack 3D Model

Texture included and very simple to apply
5 rack styles to choose from;

  • Camo Rack
  • Wire Rack
  • Wood Rack
  • Diamond Rack
  • Barbed Wire Rack

Textures Included;

  • Defused main texture
  • Normal map

Formats convert for you

  • .blend
  • .3DS
  • .obj
  • .dae
  • game Engine ready file

About the Model

3D Model of a truck headrack that was designed in blender

This is not a MOD, This is a 3D model accessory  that we offer as a gift when you donate a $1 that needs to be installed using the Game Engine Editor.  Your donation gets you life-time access to this download with unlimited downloads.

This model and many other are included in the Dropbox  3D model projects folder when you become a Patron, Try it out?

How to install a multiple choice Design configuration on a mod in FS17?

  1. unzip your mod
  2. Open HeadachePack2.i3d file and select export ALL  to your folder that contains the mod you are working on.
    1. Name it export.i3d in the same folder as you mods .i3d
  3. Open your mods .i3d and click import .i3d
    1. select the export.i3d file
    2. arrange the imported transform group to where you want the racks to be.
    3. Make visibility on each rack to deactivated in the attributes window
    4. save .i3d
  4. Open the mods .xml file
  5. Copy this code within the mods </vehicle> tags
    1. <designConfigurations>
       <designConfiguration name="No Goodies" price="0" />
       <designConfiguration name="Diamond Rack" price="0" icon="$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_edition.png">
       <objectChange node="0>20|3" visibilityActive="true" />
       <designConfiguration name="Wire Rack" price="0" icon="$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_edition.png">
       <objectChange node="0>20|4" visibilityActive="true" />
       <designConfiguration name="Wood Rack" price="0" icon="$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_edition.png">
       <objectChange node="0>20|2" visibilityActive="true" />
       <designConfiguration name="Camo Rack" price="0" icon="$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_edition.png">
       <objectChange node="0>20|1" visibilityActive="true" />
       <designConfiguration name="Barb Rack" price="0" icon="$dataS2/menu/hud/configurations/config_edition.png">
       <objectChange node="0>20|0" visibilityActive="true" />
  6. Change the node=”” indexes to match the location of the racks in the .i3d mod file.
  7. Click save in the XML
  8. delete export.i3d file
  9. Zip your mod up, your done…

All models and textures were created by us and you may use what you want in your mods or projects.


All proceeds go back into creating content for the community, So thank you for helping us build up this community. We are not selling a mod or any intellectual property of FS17. The 3D model and texture was created by us and we offer it to download in any format you request. It comes with no coding and will not work if you just put it into your mods folder. Requires install using your Game Engine of choice.


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