Staff Section

Welcome Bloggers and Youtubers

I would like to formally welcome you to the team!

This section will be ever growing and expanded upon based off our needs as a team.


If you are seeing this part of the site, it means your special to the lambo-mods team.

  • Bloggers
    • Make sure to learn how to use our Post/page builder software.
    • Learn how to upload files to our SECURE downloads section
  • Modders
    • Same as the bloggers, but this will show you how to access the .i3d files and models hidden in this site.
  • Youtubers
    • We want all out Tubers to post their videos each and every time you make one! Check out this tutorial on how that is done 🙂

How to

Page/post Builder

  • This is the tool we use to make WAY cool Posts, click here to learn how to use the Post/page builder

How to Add a Download

  • In order to keep our download secure, we use a special download client for our members to download mods.

Post Your Youtube Video

  • If you are a youtuber and would like to create backlinks to your site/videos. This will show the proper way to do so