Terms of Use

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The copyright for your topics and posts, where these are copyrightable, basically remain with you as a user. However, by granting a topic or contribution, you grant the provider the right to permanently keep the topic or the contribution on its website. In addition, the provider has the right to delete, edit, move or close your topics and posts.

Both parties may terminate this Agreement without notice.

The provider will endeavor to offer the service as uninterrupted as possible. Even with all due diligence, failure times can not be ruled out, in which the web servers are not on the Internet due to technical or other problems which are not within the sphere of influence of the provider (third party liability, force majeure, attacks against the infrastructure by hackers, etc.) Is retrievable. The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of the website is not technically feasible.

 The provider is also entitled to block you as a user from accessing the online platform if there is a reasonable suspicion that you have violated these terms of use. You can avert these measures if you remove the suspicion by submitting suitable evidence at your own expense.
The provider reserves the right to change and extend the content and structure of the platform as well as the associated user interfaces, if this does not affect the in-fill of the contract concluded with the user. The provider will inform the users accordingly about the changes.

The purpose of the forum is to provide a “market of opinions” to the public. It is therefore intended to cultivate a peaceful and respectful attitude among the users without offensive hostility.

These mods and maps are ONLY for LAMBO MODS. We have taken time to remove errors and reupload them so people may use them.

Re-uploading and distributing on other sites and forums is NOT allowed!

When distributing among friends and acquaintances, the original download link is to be used!

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