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The Squad

Welcome to The Squad’s gaming YouTube channel! The Squad mostly posts mod related content on games such as Farming Simulator, Spintires, and GTA V but Occasionally he will post MOTO VLOGS. Hope you guys enjoy His channel! Thanks for visiting the channel!

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The Squad

First and foremost let me tell you a little bit about the youtuber, The Squad!
I absolutely love this guy!

Joined Youtube May 29, 2014 and had 76,764,620 views thus far for 2018. He loves to showcase new mods and supports the modders in the community thru donations. This man has been committed to building up those around him and is a blessing to have as a friend.

So much energy, and alot of mod giveaways in his videos! His videos are very descriptive of what hes covering, but he's so much fun!
He helps out alot with modders and other youtubers getting them "known" with his shoutouts and reviews of modders and youtubers.
Check out Super Chats! and what they are used for!
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1. How do you get the game? You can buy the game here (PC version)- 2. Can you get mods for Xbox One or PS4 (talking about FS17 not FS15)? Yes, I think you can get mods. I think you are only limited to the ones of Giants (Creator of the game) website though   3. Where do you get your mods? Most of my mods come from this website- Sometimes I get them from other YouTubers it just all depends on. Most of the time the link to the mods I used in that video will be in the description unless they are private 4. Why is it called the Squad if it is only one person? This channel started out as a couple of people as it moved to Farming simulator it just ended up being me (Grant). I now have my brother (Spencer) in some videos too so I thought I would keep the name "The Squad". 5. Can I play with you? On most Livestreams, I keep a couple of spots open for people to join. The Livestreams are usually every Saturday at 5 pm Central Time. To join the live stream you must have every mod I use on that server. Most of the time I let you guys know what mods you will need for the livestream the day before (so Friday).
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